All You Need to Know About Perioral Dermatitis and Its Treatment

perioral dermatitis

So what is perioral dermatitis? Perioral dermatitis is basically an inflammatory rash that targets the skin around your mouth. This rash can rapidly spread to your nose and your eyes. If you are getting the same situation on your facial skin then you are at the right place and you are having perioral dermatitis. We will provide you the basic information about this dermatitis which will help you avoid some things but the treatment is only available with the doctor so don’t take this as hard and fast treatment for this disease. You must consult a doctor once. So let’s start:

Perioral dermatitis in women is more common than in men. Reports have shown that women had a greater number of cases of perioral dermatitis. Mostly the case was between women who aged from sixteen to forty-five. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it if you are younger than 16 or older then 45, it can occur in any age and it can also occur in children from birth to their teenage and it can be severe in this age as children don’t follow prescriptions and don’t avoid things that trigger this dermatitis.

Perioral dermatitis treatment if not performed properly can cause it to return over and over. The nature of this type of dermatitis is that it reoccurs more often. It can last for weeks and unto months.

What are Perioral Dermatitis Causes?

perioral dermatitis causes

Just like many other dermatitis, perioral dermatitis causes are unknown to mankind still. However, scientists and dermatologists are working to get the best results and cure for this disease. Experts and experienced people suggest that it mostly occurs after using steroids on the skin. This use may be because of many other reasons. Also, nasal sprays for asthma people are also known to be one of perioral dermatitis causes.

Some ingredients in perfumes and other cosmetic and beauty products may also cause perioral dermatitis. Skin creams with harsh formula may also contain petroleum and paraffin just like Vaseline can also worsen the condition and cause irritation and swelling.

Other factors that are known to be some of perioral dermatitis causes are:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Drooling
  • Fluoride toothpaste
  • Birth control pills
  • Sunscreen lotions

Before moving towards the perioral dermatitis cure we will show you some symptoms!

Symptoms and Signs of Perioral Dermatitis!

Perioral dermatitis often appears as a red bumpy patch of rash around the mouth and it can also be scaly in some cases. The rash may also weep some fluid. Redness is the most common sign however, it can come along with itching and burning. This can also cause a fever in extreme conditions.

  • Perioral dermatitis nose
  • Perioral dermatitis eyes
  • Perioral dermatitis forehead
  • Perioral dermatitis chin

These rashes as mentioned earlier can weep fluids and pus and are same as acne.

People often ask us how to cure perioral dermatitis fast but the thing is first we should know how to diagnose it and whether is perioral dermatitis contagious or not? People also send us perioral dermatitis pictures but we must tell you that pictures cannot be examined so you must go for a doctor.

To ensure this, your dermatologist will perform a procedure to diagnose for perioral dermatitis with a simple and straight visual examination of your skin and he will surely ask you your medical history and medications you have been taking before this.

He may also perform a skin culture test know about the infection and the cause of it. The basic procedure that we know is that doctors normally tear or swab a part of the affected skin and send it further to the laboratory to test skin cells for bacteria or any other infection. A skin biopsy should also be expected if the rash or the affected skin does not respond to standard treatment.

What Are The Perioral Dermatitis Treatment?

perioral dermatitis treatment

More than perioral dermatitis treatment, preventions are best cure. Dermatologists and people who have experienced it recommend to stop the use of steroids on your skin. As according to them these are the products which make the situation worse. But these are results and recommendation according to the people who stopped using them so it is not necessary that it will help you in the same manner. It is best that you get help from a doctor and ask him whether to discontinue those medications or not. You don’t have to be a quack yourself or this can ruin your skin a lot. Make sure you are consulting a doctor before any of foolishness.

The doctors will help you and suggest you according to the severity of your skin condition. There is no such perioral natural treatment but yes you can change your routine in a manner that can make it better. Perioral dermatitis adults and children are different we will give you here the adult one:

Diet and Life Style

Your eating habits and lifestyle must be changed if you want to get rid of perioral dermatitis.

  1. Get rid of harsh face washes and cleansers. Use only warm water not cold, not hot.
  2. Avoid steroid creams
  3. Stop using makeups
  4. Wash your pillows and towels frequently.
  5. Don’t eat spicy food that can irritate your skin around your mouth.

The bottom line is that perioral dermatitis is common among people with sensitive skin and the best way to prevent it is to make sure you don’t use the products that cause it and keep your skin clean and moisturized.

You can share your experience of perioral dermatitis with us and tell us what hurtled you the most and leaving what helped you fight them. Some of the tips you must have in the last are to avoid sunlight, heat, direct wind, and plants. All of these are responsible for triggering so make sure you don’t use them.

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