How to Get Rid of Nummular Eczema Naturally

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So what is nummular eczema? Nummular eczema also is known as nummular dermatitis or discoid eczema is a skin problem that often causes small patches of rashes that can be very itchy and can also cause burning. People having this skin problem have often reported being getting oval-shaped patches that become sore on their skin. According to studies it is also now known that nummular eczema often appears right after you have a skin injury. These may be burnt or abrasions or pest bites. These patches are visible in numbers. They may last up to some weeks or months.

As mentioned earlier this condition has three names your doctor may call it as nummular dermatitis, nummular eczema or discoid eczema all are the same names of the same condition.

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Nummular eczema according to recent reports is seen to be common in men more than in women. Men often have their first nummular eczema attack in their late 50’s. However, women get in their young age. Especially in teenagers, it is more common. People often ask about nummular eczema treatments and they were sending us nummular eczema pictures lately so we thought of giving out some information to help them in how to get rid of nummular eczema at the earliest. But before moving to nummular eczema treatment we will first discuss its symptoms so that you know whether you have eczema or not.

Nummular Eczema Signs!

The signs and symptoms of nummular eczema are very important to be known before moving towards nummular eczema natural treatment. Patches on your skin will begin as tiny spots that will be red in color. It is a possibility that pores may also be formed on these patches that may weep fluid. These patches will enlarge and increase over time and will grow in coin-like shape.

These patches will have the following symptoms:

  • These patches, especially in nummular eczema baby, will size from 1 inch to 3 inches. These are often visible at the time the baby starts crawling so the frictions and abrasions cause it to appear. This happens mostly when babies crawl on carpets.
  • This eczema occurs on legs as seen most common but it can occur on all other parts also.
  • They may be pink or red in colour in the beginning but as they grow and enlarge the colour also tends to be brown.
  • May the nummular eczema be mild or severe it will always burn and will cause your skin to itch. The itching can be worse at night time and can easily disturb your sleep and comfort.
  • They may become dry and scaly and may cause the skin to crack!
  • Yellow pus and crust may form and that shows that it has turned into an infection. You can easily treat it with antibiotics. Nummular eczema on the face is the severest one.

Nummular Eczema Causes!

So what causes nummular eczema? Nummular eczema causes are unknown to mankind and researchers and dermatologists often refer it to be a sign of sensitivity especially after injuries. But these factors have been collected by our team and we will present them here to you. So keep reading below for them:

  1. Metals are said to be one of the nummular eczema causes, more the contact more are the chances of a person getting it.
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. Skin antibiotics are also said to be a cause of it.
  4. Dry skin can trigger it
  5. Poor blood flow and swelling
  6. Skin injuries
  7. Bacterial infection

How to Treat Nummular Eczema?

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Nummular eczema cure is very much important to be known especially if you are looking to treat nummular eczema toddler case.

Before the treatment, your doctor will and must diagnose whether you have nummular eczema or not. If your dermatologist thinks that you have an allergy he must go for patch testing and see for the results. If he finds nummular eczema he will give you some treatments.

So How to Get Rid of Nummular Eczema:

Sores caused by this type of eczema are very stubborn to treat! There are some nummular eczema home remedy tips that we would like to give to you so that you can treat your skin at home.


You must protect your skin from getting cut and injured in any way. A skin injury as mentioned earlier is one of the triggers and cause of nummular eczema so if you get any of cuts or abrasions you are sure to make your nummular eczema worse.


You must hydrate your skin regularly; you can simply do this by taking a warm bath for about fifteen to twenty minutes on a daily basis. After just 5 minutes of getting out of the shower, you must apply a mild skin moisturizer on your wet skin. This will help your skin to be hydrated. It can also cure itching and burning. You can also add bath oil to water to cure this. But you must be careful while choosing the oil as oils can be irritants to some skins. You must ask your dermatologist for a bath oil that will not irritate your skin.


Medicines prescribed by the dermatologists should only be used and no other medicine or cream should be used as it can get your skin infected or can cause a reaction if not suited. Many prescribed skin include corticosteroid creams and you must use only these as they help reduce inflammation and itching. An antibiotic is used when your skin has got infected.

With proper treatment and care at your home, you can get rid of nummular eczema in no time. Sore on legs and arms take a little longer to cure but if you take proper care of your skin it will help you get rid of them easily. After the cure dark patches can remain for some time. This can be long as one year and in some cases, they can go away in months it depends on your genes and skin.

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