How to Get Rid of Butt Acne with Simple Home Remedies

butt acne

Butt acne is also one of the most common types of acne that you can suffer from. Butt acne can be painful and can irritate you very much if you have not experienced it yet. People always ask us questions about butt acne treatment and how to get rid of butt acne. The question is how you get butt acne.

Causes of Butt Acne

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Butt acne can be a sure cause of genetics or unhygienic butt. Especially in summers, it can appear along with rashes. Well, it is not that infecting and viral type of acne it is the most basic type but the thing is that it appears on the area of your skin that is most sensitive and it can cause a lot of pain. You may also call it as cystic acne on butt as it causes cysts all over the skin.  So if you are feeling acne on your butt you should treat it before it turns into severe butt acne which will cause you a lot of pain.

Causes of butt acne are not very complex rather butt cheek acne can appear to any person of any age. So you don’t have to worry about whether you are having a serious viral infection. It can be treated at home easily with some easy tips and tricks.

What Should I Do After I Have Acne On My Butt?

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First of all, you should try to wear loose clothes if you are suffering from painful butt acne. Loosening up clothes is the first step that will help you in the prevention of its increasing. Butt acne can go away on its own in its initial stages if you wash your skin regularly with warm water and don’t rub it rather pat it dry. This is an important part of treatment and precaution in every type of acne and it is highly suggested by doctors and skin specialists that you must have to avoid rubbing your skin that is having any type of acne. The reason for this philosophy is that you can get acne on other parts of your skin if you are rubbing the same cloth or towel on your healthy skin. Then comes the next part of the treatment which is avoiding sweat and other external particles to stay on your butt. If sweat or dirt stays on your acne area for too long it can irritate it and worsen the situation. An important fact here is that your butt, unfortunately, has very sensitive skin and in summers if the butt cheeks rub together they can easily get sweaty and cause pain if you are having acne on your butt, this should be kept in mind that you should thoroughly wash your butt and your skin and make sure that they are clean especially in summers and you also must try to avoid running and walking too much in this situation.

Home Remedies and Cures!

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There are also some home remedies that have been widely used and are still suggested by old folks. Some of these are easily applicable if you have the stuff or not you can easily get it from your nearby market. So let’s start with the remedies.

Cold Compress

The first one is to apply a cold compress to your skin, Yes this is the same method that often dentist suggest to their patients. Apply cold compress is highly recommended especially if you are having butt acne in summers. What you have to do is simply get some ice and wrap it up in a microfiber cloth. Apply the ice cushion to your skin. This will help you get great relief and will decrease their inflammation to a great deal that you will definitely feel ease. The next important thing is to pat the skin dry after the cold compress.

Tree Oil

The second one is to apply coconut oil or tree oil to your butt. You have to do some simple steps in this butt acne treatment remedy. First of all, wash your butt with warm water and make sure that you pat it dry and thoroughly. Now the next step is to apply oil on the skin. Now on this part, you should be careful. Some skin is very much sensitive and can be allergic to butt skin so in this case, you must try to apply the oil on your healthy skin near the acne skin. After this, if you feel any pinching you must dilute the oil with water before applying and if it doesn’t then the next thing is to apply oil gently on your butt and lay down for the next hour or so. This treatment is recommended before you are going to sleep as it will give you enough time to rest and to get proper curing time.

Aloe Vera

The third remedy and also an important one is to apply aloe vera and neem leaves on your affected skin area. You must crush the leaves and the aloe vera lotion or fresh liquid together and form and paste-like mixture, this mixture it is hard enough should be mixed with a few drops of water to get it into a paste-like a form. After you have made it applicable apply it on your skin and let it stay there for a few hours. If it gets irritating to wash it and apply it again. You must practice this remedy a few time and within a day or two, you will get rid of butt acne.

So now you have the best remedies for butt acne and you have the basic precautions here stated you must read them carefully and apply as told. The most important part if you re having butt acne is that you must keep hygiene and avoid all kinds of external and internal factors to affect your butt. We hope that you will find these tips useful and will give us your feedback and your side of the story on how you treated your butt acne and how you got rid of it, in how many days and by using what?

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