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eczema on scalp

Have you ever felt any irritation or itchiness on your scalp? If you have you must have scratched it and must have seen white flakes falling down along with your hair. Well yes, this is actually eczema on your scalp which you more commonly knew as dandruff. Now we have to see the types, causes, the symptoms, and the scalp eczema treatment!

Eczema on the scalp, more commonly known as dandruff or dermatitis scientifically is a scalp disease or should we say temporary infection that dries your scalp and causes scales and flakes in your head. The most common type of eczema found on the scalp is seborrheic dermatitis. This dermatitis usually forms on the oily areas of your skin and can also affect your face and your back easily.

Now people always ask us for scalp eczema treatment and for home remedies for eczema on scalp. We here have collected a thorough study on dandruff and eczema on scalp. So if you are looking for scalp eczema treatment then you are at the right place and you must keep reading to get the complete details.

Causes Of Eczema On Scalp

eczema on scalp causes

First, let us clear a fact here that up till date the reason to these eczemas and their appearance on scalp is unknown to science and mankind but detail studies and researches are being conducted by the scientists and dermatologists and they have given some causes in light of the study they have performed on the people who have suffered from eczema on scalp.

Causes of eczema on the scalp after detail study by the scientists up till date are as follows:

1. Genetics

Genetics are said to be a cause of eczema on scalp baby and adults. If your parents had this problem then you are sure to get it at some point in your life. And so you must get ready for it and prepare for preventions. For preventions keep reading till the end.

2. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are also considered to be a part of the list of causes of eczema on the scalp. As we have mentioned earlier that your puberty age is the most common age which makes you a prey to eczema and so at that time your body is changing and developing towards your adulthood and hence those hormonal changes causes eczema and other skin problems.

3. Bad Immune System

Abnormal behaviour of your immune system to something that is applied or eaten can also cause allergic reaction and dermatitis.

4. Acne

If you are already having acne it can get worse and cause eczema on scalp

5. HIV Or Aids

A person having this disease is a prey to all kinds of eczema.

6. Medications!

Different kinds of medicines can have a negative effect on your skin.

7. Depression!

Depression is said to be the biggest cause of disease one gets. If your mental state of mind is not good and if you are getting constant mental pressure you can get sick and you can be vulnerable to any kind of disease that also includes eczema.

8. External Factors!

This is about contact eczema and according to studies it has been seen that nickel, cobalt, cosmetic products, and fragrances can cause this.

How To Treat And Prevent Eczema On Scalp?

scalp eczema treatment

People always ask us about scalp eczema natural treatment and natural remedies for scalp eczema. But before giving you any of it we will like to tell you that you must contact a doctor for any kind of prescription and you must not solely rely on the web information.

You can take preventions but you can’t treat it without the help of a doctor if the condition is worse. But if you feel that it’s just dry scalp eczema or something not to worry about, you can get rid of it using some of the home remedies for eczema on the scalp because natural remedies for scalp eczema are always the best treatment for scalp eczema.

· Essential Oils

The best treatment for scalp eczema is no doubt the use of essential oils which gives relief from this problem. All these oils are the instant and topical treatment for scalp eczema. Best scalp oil for eczema is tea tree oil. Other oils that you can use are coconut oil. Coconut oil for eczema scalp is the most common treatment because coconut is easily available rather than tea tree oil. Olive oil is another good option to treat eczema on the scalp. Apply any of these available oils your scalp regularly. Or it’s better to make a habit of using oil an hour before washing your head.

· Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the most popular home remedy for most types of skin problems and how can it be ignored if you have this. By applying Aloe Vera juice on your scalp can not only give your scalp instant relief from eczema on the scalp but it will give your scalp a new life by keeping it fresh and hydrated so that dandruff may not come back.

· Medicated Shampoo

Shampoo for sensitive scalp eczema is easily available in the market. There are popular brands which are making the world’s best shampoo for sensitive scalp eczema. You can get any shampoo that suits your skin and you may get rid of eczema on scalp. If you are not sure if a shampoo on the shelf can give you a relief from scalp eczema, just check out its ingredients. The best shampoo for sensitive scalp eczema normally contains coal tar, salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole and selenium sulphide. If you find any such ingredients in a shampoo, grab the bottle because that’s the shampoo you were looking for.

· Food Supplements

If a person is having a balanced diet having all the essential vitamins and minerals then fewer chances are there that you may get any health problem even if it is as minor as eczema on scalp. Health issues occur only when there’s a deficiency of some mineral or vitamin in your body unless there’s some major external factor.

Eczema indicates the deficiency of main water, Vitamin A, D and sometimes Vitamin B as well. If you are facing the constant issue of scalp eczema, try food supplements which have Vitamin A, D and B, Zinc, Omega-3 and probiotics. Apart from that, drink as much water as much as you can.

Try these remedies and treatments and we hope and wish that you won’t face the issue of eczema on scalp.

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