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Herpes Simplex Virus, Causes, And Natural Treatment

herpes virus

The herpes virus is also called the HSV virus and it is a type of infection. This virus can appear on different parts of the body but mostly around the mouth and genitals.   It is a prevailing infection around the globe and more than 3.7 million people in a year are affected due to this infection. Herpes simplex virus can spread faster and mostly the people at age 50 are affected by this.

If you have any person around you who are suffering from Herpes simplex virus, you can also get it through the touch. If a wedding partner has this virus, during sexual transmission, it can spread to you also. It is possible that in the beginning or after some time, no symptoms will show up. The herpes virus will still grow and will cause discomfort to the patient. It can be harmful to those who have a weak immune system because it will spread faster in them.

What Are the Different Types of the Herpes Virus?

herpes simplex virus

There are two herpes virus types that are as follows:

Herpes simplex virus 1 can become a cause of oral herpes and you can suffer from cold sores and fever. The infection or virus will show up around the face and mouth most of the time. Herpes simplex virus 1 can develop in childhood and can stay for the entire life.  It spreads with non-sexual contacts such as touch or kissing.  In the second type which is called the herpes simplex virus, 2 will be a cause of genital herpes and is responsible for genital outbreaks. It can develop at any age and will remain for a lifetime. It is necessary to gain information about the herpes virus types if you are suffering from the sores or outbreaks.

What Can Cause the Herpes Virus?

What Can Cause the Herpes Virus?

Herpes virus is found in the entire world and many people are suffering from this. There can be different herpes virus causes that you must know about.  That is why; it is known as herpes viral infection. The herpes simplex virus is spread with contact through person to person. If you will come in contact with the patient directly, you can also suffer from this infection. Most of the children suffer from Herpes simplex virus 1 because of direct contact. People touch and kiss the kids because they have a weak immune system than adults. They will have to suffer from this infection throughout their life and they will never be able to get rid of this.

In the Herpes simplex virus 1, general interactions are included such as eating in the same plates, drinking water in the same glass, sharing lipstick or lip balm or kiss. The herpes virus can spread faster if you are in contact with the person who is suffering from it. 67% of people at the age of 49 to 50 can become a victim of herpes simplex virus. It is possible that they will never face the outbreaks. The oral sores can be shown as a symptom in Herpes simplex virus but, people avoid it. In herpes simplex virus 2, if you will come in contact with someone sexually then you can suffer from this herpes simplex virus. More than 20% of people who are actively indulged in sexual activities with the infected person are suffering from this infection. The herpes simplex virus2 can spread through the sores. Both herpes virus types will remain for a lifetime if anyone is suffering from any one of them.

Who Can Develop the Herpes Infection?

herpes viral infection

The people who are actively indulged in sex with many partners can suffer from herpes simplex virus2. Any young person whose age is less than 50 stay in touch with the infected person can suffer from herpes simplex virus1. Most of the time, pregnant females develop this infection. The herpes virus causes due to having other sexual infections. A weak immune system can also make you suffer from this virus.

What are the Clear Signs to Recognize the Herpes Virus?

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Many people start developing sores and outbreaks but many people do not observe them. These are the clear signs that will make sure that the person is suffering from an infection. In herpes simplex virus type 2, Intense sores around the mouth and face will show up. In the genital infection, pain during urine will be felt. Itching can also be a symptom of this infection. Lack of appetite, fever, swelling, and headaches are also clear signs of herpes virus in the eye. 

How the Herpes Virus is Diagnosed?

This virus can be diagnosed by the medical examination. The doctor will determine the sores and will ask you different questions about virus signs. The herpes tests are also available and after these tests, the doctor will prescribe the herpes simplex virus treatment. He will take the samples of the sore fluids to know about the severity. Blood tests are done only when there are visible symptoms of the herpes simplex virus.

What are the Treatments For the Herpes Virus?

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Herpes virus cure is not possible and it will remain for a lifetime but the herpes virus treatment is available.  It is also possible that the infection can go away without treatment but if it is severe, you have to take the treatment immediately. The doctor will give you treatment according to your situation. He will give you different medications such as acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir, etc. These medications can help to reduce the herpes viral infection and it will not be transmitted to others. The use of medicines will help in lowering the severity and regularity of outbreaks. Some people suffer from regular outbreaks and some never face the sores and outbreak, it depends on the person where he/she lives. Many people can face these outbreaks due to any trigger and the infection can become severe. If a person has stress, depression, sun exposure, severe illness or sunburn can suffer from the herpes virus.

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