How to Get Rid of Cystic Acne Naturally

cystic acne

What is Cystic Acne?

When you don’t take care of your skin properly, and when your pores get dirty with dead cells sometimes bacteria gets inside the pores too and then causes an infection that makes your skin red and swollen. Cystic acne is a bit more advanced version of that infection that fills your pores with pus and makes your skin bumpy and swollen.

A person can get pimples on his skin through his teenage, but teenage pimples shall not be confused with cystic acne, It should not be left unbothered and must be taken care of as soon as you feel the symptoms. It can linger on your skin for years and can give you never-leaving scars. So it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist as soon as you feel the symptoms.

Where Do You Get Cystic Acne?

A person is most likely to get it in his teenage or in his twenties. But there are some cases that have reported cystic acne hitting a child of mere 7 years and old man of age 54. You can get this type of acne on any part of your skin, but the most common ones are cystic acne on chin, face, cystic acne on back, chest, shoulders, cystic acne on cheeks and arms. It is more common among men, but women get it too but only on their lower face.

What Causes Cystic Acne?

Some hormones in the body called androgens are mainly responsible for such kind of acne especially adult cystic acne. However, dermatologists and scientists are not sure of the real cause behind it. The study says that this hormonal cystic acne is due to the skin changes in the teenage of a person’s life. These skin changes make temporary pores in the skin of that person, clogging of these pores with bacteria causes acne on that person’s skin. Cystic acne causes according to recent studies are because of genetics, that means if your parents have suffered from it you will also get it, so make sure you contact a dermatologist if you notice symptoms before the situation gets worse.

How to Get Rid of Severe Cystic Acne??

Everyone hates pimples especially on their face, acne or pimples cause irritation and pain or skin. If you have pimples, you also must have been thinking of ways to get rid of them as fast as you can.

Here are some simple but effective steps that will help you how to treat cystic acne on the face with fast cystic acne treatments 

     1. Treat Cystic Acne with Salicylic Acid

cystic acne on chin

Traditional medicines won’t have any effect on this type of acne, so you have to cure cystic acne differently. The main reason for this is that normal acne or a pimple is above your skin, but this type of acne matures below the skin which makes it difficult to treat. So you have to apply lotions and tonics that have salicylic acid, this acid removes dirt and oil from your skin and has deep down cleaning power. Regular use of such cystic acne medication can reduce and clean it.

    2. Swelling Reduction

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A swelling produced by the cystic acne can be removed by applying cold things on that part. Ice wrapped in a paper towel is the best way to reduce swelling from your skin.

 3. Kill Bacteria

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Benzoyl peroxide is a chemical that is famous for removing and killing bacteria from the pores of the skin. It is famous for killing bacteria that are even covered in follicles. But you should be careful while using this chemical as some people are allergic to this, you should first try using a lighter version of this chemical. If it suits you go for the harder versions. Many beauty products have these chemicals; you should ask a dermatologist for the best ones 

 4. Reducing the redness

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Hydrocortisone cream is the best treatment for cystic acne that is known to reduce pimples and finish of redness from the skin. It is one of the most commonly used creams for reducing redness.

Home Remedies for Cystic Acne Treatment

There are some home remedies you can apply at your home for cystic acne treatment. These remedies include

  • Apply apple vinegar on the face: This reduces acne and doesn’t let scars take their place. Instead, they provide glowing skin.
  • Start taking zinc supplements: Zinc supplements are a must for acne patients.
  • Make a honey and cinnamon mask for yourself and apply it on your face.
  • Apply tea tree oil at the acne area.
  • Apply Green tea to your skin; it will moisturize the parts of acne. Green tea drinking is very healthy for your skin, but a person suffering from cystic acne should also apply it to their affected parts.
  • Apply Hazel lotion, hazel which fights bacteria and so is beneficial for reducing cystic acne.
  • Apply aloe vera directly from the plant.
  • Start taking vitamin D or fish oil supplements; these supplements are best for your health.
  • Remove the dead skin regularly. Dead skin causes bacteria to attack your baby skin too so make sure you remove the dead skin regularly.
  • Eat less sugar as sugar triggers some hormones in your body which will cause acne to increase.
  • Stop using dairy products like dairy products also trigger your hormones causing them to increase acne.
  • Reduce stress. Stress is the main cause of pain and skin problems, especially among young people, so stop taking stress.
  • Exercise regularly as exercise opens pores of your skin and thus making them clean and free of pores and dirt.

Turmeric as a Best Remedy to get rid of Cystic Acne

Turmeric is also used as a natural herb to cure acne; turmeric contains curcumin which reduces inflammation in your skin. It is also treated as an antiseptic medicine. Turmeric dries your pus to the point where it drains out after that the swelling reduces. Old people will always suggest you use it.

It can cause serious damage to your skin so you must treat it very carefully with the help of these remedies, if you feel that things are not working the way you planned them, immediately consult a skin specialist who can guide you and give you the proper cystic acne medication.

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