Common Causes of Contact Dermatitis and Their Treatments

contact dermatitis

So what is contact dermatitis? Reading the name it makes sense and it is right said that dermatitis or eczema on the skin caused by contact with a particular substance or material which you or your body is allergic to.

It is actually red skin that causes itching and rash due to direct contact with a substance. It can also be a cause of allergy to some substance. Don’t you worry the rash isn’t severe or life-threatening but it can be uncomfortable and can give you unnecessary stress. As an overview, we will like to share some substances that are known to be a cause of reaction which causes contact dermatitis. These include jewellery, soaps, cosmetics and plants.

People often ask us how to treat contact dermatitis, but the thing is before you treat this, You must know what is contact dermatitis and you have to identify it and avoid all the things that cause it in your skin. To get it simple, if you avoid the substances which trigger or cause contact dermatitis then you can easily get contact dermatitis rash to go away in less than a month. There are many treatments and remedies which you can use to get rid of contact dermatitis but before that, we will like you to read below the contact dermatitis symptoms.

Contact Dermatitis Symptoms!

allergic contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis usually occurs in those parts of your body which are directly exposed to the substances that we have mentioned above. If you are allergic to metal and jewelry then if you are wearing a necklace or a watch on your wrist you can easily get rash at that area if you have kept it in contact for a very long time.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • A red rash is the most common signs of contact dermatitis.
  • Itching is the next sign that shows that you have contact dermatitis. You may feel itching in those areas which are directly in contact with the materials you are allergic to.
  • Dry skin cracked skin, and scaly skin is also a visible symptom of contact dermatitis.
  • Bumps and pus pores are a result of allergic contact dermatitis. Allergic contact dermatitis is common and comes with crusting if you do not treat it and get rid of the substances causing it.
  • Swelling and burning along with tenderness and inflammation is one of the visible signs of contact dermatitis.

When Should I See A Doctor?

contact dermatitis treatment

People have been sending us to contact dermatitis pictures and asking us that will it get better by itself or do we have to see a doctor so let us clear one thing to you contact dermatitis pictures can’t be examined like your skin can be by a dermatologist. But yes if you ask for our opinion we will like to clear some points and after when you should contact a doctor.

  • You should see a doctor if contact dermatitis on face and contact dermatitis on hands is getting very much uncomfortable and it is causing you to lose your sleep and you are getting distracted from your daily chores.
  • The rash is sudden and painful and you don’t know the reason. Before it spreads and gets severe you must go and see a doctor at once.
  • If you embarrassed by the way your skin looks due to irritant contact dermatitis then you must go to a doctor for fast healing and shall not wait for self-healing process.
  • If the rash doesn’t leave your skin within a month you should probably get yourself checked by the dermatologist and ask for his prescription.
  • If the rash is affecting your facial skin and your genital parts then you should contact a doctor because it can be very painful and uncomfortable.
  • You must seek immediate help from a doctor if your skin is getting infected especially this case is more common in contact dermatitis eyelids. You may also feel pain and fever.
  • Your lungs feel heavy or you feel breathing issues you must get immediately to a doctor as the allergen has affected you badly.
  • If you feel any problem in eating and digestion and mucous production on your tongue you must contact a doctor.

Contact Dermatitis Causes!

irritant contact dermatitis

As mentioned earlier contact dermatitis is caused by a substance that is exposed to your skin part. These substances can cause it and they can also trigger it. It is basically of two types. The first one is irritant contact dermatitis which is caused by a substance which has irritant properties to your skin and the second one is allergic contact dermatitis that is caused by substances that you are allergic to, even if you don’t wear them or touch them their presence will affect your skin. Some people are affected by a single contact with these substances and some get it after a few years. Some people may also develop a tolerance to the allergic substances.

The common irritants and allergens are:

  1. Solvents of any kind
  2. Alcohol or wine
  3. Bleach
  4. Detergents
  5. Shampoos and soaps
  6. Dust particles and pollens
  7. Plants
  8. Fertilizers
  9. Pesticides
  10. Nickel which is used in jewellery and in shoes
  11. Medicines
  12. Perfumes and cosmetics
  13. Formaldehyde
  14. Deodorants, hair dyes, nail polish and lipsticks (contact dermatitis lips is caused by it)
  15. Sunscreen
  16. Children can get it due to pampers
  17. Baby wipes
  18. Snap items of clothing.

We have told you earlier that how long does contact dermatitis last? But people ask for their treatments.

Allergic contact dermatitis treatment and irritant contact dermatitis treatment at home are just to prevent the things that cause it and keep your skin hydrated. But if it does not do by itself you have to go to a doctor as it can be a severe allergy that can be dangerous for you. So you must get your skin examined.

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