How to Get Rid of Baby Acne on Face

baby acne

Baby acne is not as same as adult acne; it is actually small red or pink bumps on baby’s skin. Baby acne should be ignored and should be treated just at home but if it gets worse than consult a doctor without wasting time. Is it hard to get rid of baby acne, and how long does baby acne last? Well, you came to the right place for the answers. Baby acne usually does not require any hard treatments and it does get better on its own, but there are a few things you should take care of. It occurs most commonly in babies that are newly born up to 2 years of their age. Mostly this occurs in the early months of a baby’s age.

What Causes Baby Acne or Rash?

There is no certain known cause of baby acne, but it is said to be caused by maternal hormones or infant hormones that are matured right after the birth of the baby. These hormones can trigger the baby’s oil glands on his skin and can cause tiny pimples or bumps.

Do You Know Formula Milk Can Cause Baby Acne?

Baby acne is also known to be a cause of using formula milk in infants. There are some chemicals in the formula milk which when getting in contact with the baby’s skin can cause acne. But this is not hormonal acne so it can be cured by simple washes in two to three times.

How to Get rid of Baby Acne with Simple Remedies

baby acne remedies

So what to do for baby acne? Treatment of this type acne must be done very carefully you must not use any beauty creams or lotions for the baby’s skin as the skin is very sensitive at that time and you can end up making the situation worse. Simple baths can get rid of acne but if you see no progress visit a doctor so that he can provide you with the proper baby acne treatment and medical creams that will build your grasp on how to clear up baby acne.
You can understand how to get rid of baby acne at your home by these basic baby acne remedies.

Breast Milk the First Acne Cream a Baby Uses.

A mother’s milk can cure baby acne according to some experts, and so they call it the first acne treating cream of a person’s life. To get rid of baby acne it is recommended that you bath your baby with warm water every day with a smooth soap and dry him with a neat and clean smooth towel.

Keep Your Baby’s Skin Clean

Your baby’s skin must be clean all the times; you should clean it with warm water. The best way is to give your baby bath daily so that his skin gets clean. Don’t use any fragrance soaps, use simple bubble baths to clean your baby’s skin. Regular cleansing will result in getting rid of the baby acne on
neck, face and other parts of the body.

Don’t Use Harsh Products at All

Products that have vitamin A are basically used to treat adult acne. Vitamin A can cure adult acne as the adult skin is immune enough to harsh products, but you must not apply any creams of this sort on your baby’s skin as they are very sensitive and these creams can have a bad reaction to them, and the acne can get worse. Don’t use creams or lotions at all until and unless prescribed by a doctor.

Don’t Rub or Scrub

You must not scrub your baby’s skin with a cloth or a towel at all as it can hurt the baby’s skin. If you have to dry your baby’s skin than you should pat it with a towel and not rub it at all.

Is Baby Acne harmful?

Be patient this type of acne is not at all harmful and it wears off with a passage of time it is just because of some hormones which cause baby acne to occur at a small age so you don’t have to panic or get worried, however, you should be very careful with the skin and shall not make it worse. You must be thinking that if it is harmful that why the hell is its treatment important and why do you have to be so careful. The answer is that there are some skin infections in babies that have the same symptoms or they look like just the same as baby acne. These infections are harmful to your baby, and you have a proper check on this all the times if you feel that your baby is suffering from acne.

Infections that Resemble Baby Acne

1. Eczema

baby acne treatment

As your baby gets older, he may get it on the chest or elsewhere in the form of bumps and pimples on the chest and knees of your baby’s skin. This is eczema, these bumps are yellow in colour and are harder than baby acne. They occur mostly in the crawling age of your baby, and it can hurt a lot when your baby crawls. Not only it does hurt, but it makes it worse to treat. So make sure you take care of your baby if he is suffering from eczema, eczema treatment includes some medicated creams that must be issued by a doctor so it is best that you consult a doctor so that you can be sure that your baby is suffering from eczema or baby acne and how he should be treated.

2. Erythema Toxicum

what causes baby acne

This is also a skin infection that occurs in the babies right after their birth; it can stay up to for ten days after that it heals. You can see pimples and bumps all over the baby’s body when he is suffering from this infection. This is also because of hormones and is not painful at all so don’t panic and relax.

3. Milia

baby acne on face

Milia is also a skin infection in babies, babies that are a few weeks old get this infection due to new skin growth. The dead skin keeps on collecting in pockets and hence causes pimples that are white in colour; you can also confuse it with dryness and baby acne. This infection is not painful and can be cured by simple washing and oiling of the baby’s new skin. So, you see it is not harmful but it obviously damages the beauty of your baby’s skin especially baby acne on the face, and so mothers often get worried and start looking for its treatments. So this should be clear to them that it’s not hard to understand how to treat baby acne and you don’t need to research on how to get rid of baby acne till you are sure that it is baby acne. It will get better soon and will wear off with time. Just relax and keep your baby clean and happy and he will soon be free of it.

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