Acne Rosacea Symptoms, Causes, and Natural Home Treatment

acne rosacea

What is Acne Rosacea?

Rosacea is one of the common skin diseases, especially in middle-aged fair women. Acne rosacea is basically swelling of your facial skin. In this condition, your skin can turn into red, and your facial vessels can be quite visible. In severe cases of rosacea acne, you can also see pus hols in the skin. These signs can be visible for months and can fade away after some time and can again turn back. Rosacea is often mistaken for usual acne so you may be confused about whether it is rosacea or acne. It can happen to anyone, at any age at any time. The bad news is there is no such cure of rosacea acne till now, but scientists are working on its treatment. However, there are some treatments and remedies which can reduce the symptoms and signs of this disease. If you notice these signs, you must visit a doctor for proper treatment!

Symptoms of Acne Rosacea!

The signs of a person experiencing acne rosacea include,

Swollen Red Skin with Irregular Bumps

A person having rosacea acne may have hot and tender skin. His skin may have pimples which contain pus. These pimples can be mistaken for cystic acne but make sure you note all the symptoms before jumping to conclusions.

Red facial skin

acne rosacea pictures

Your blood vessels in your face may become visible on your face especially around your nose and your cheeks! These parts can swell a lot. You may notice redness all over your face especially in the central part.

Nose is Getting Large!

acne rosacea nose

This symptom is more common in males than in females. Acne rosacea tends to thicken your facial skin and hence causes your nose to look large and bulky. This is called acne rosacea nose.

Eyes are Getting Dry!

what is acne rosacea

More then half of the majority having acne rosacea may face this issue. Eyes can become dirty, irritant and they may also swell in some cases. Your eyelids may also turn red. In most cases, eye symptoms are more visible and persistent then skin symptoms.

What Causes Acne Rosacea!

Unlike other acne problems, rosacea does not happen to a person due to his unhygienic routine. The cause of acne rosacea is still unknown, but scientists are studying and researching day and night for its causes and treatments. It is said on the basis of some studies that rosacea is due to genetics and environmental changes, but we cannot confirm this theory until and unless any foolproof research is given out by the concerned departments.

We are still not known to the causes of rosacea acne, but we have gathered some detailed and authentic information about the causes that are responsible for acne rosacea triggers.

Acne rosacea causes include drinking hot beverages and eating spicy food extensively, drinking alcohol regularly, living in extreme temperatures for a persistent time, sunlight or warm winds, experiencing negative emotions, extensive drills and bodybuilding exercises, use of some cosmetics, using of drugs that dilate your blood vessels these include blood pressure and pain killer medicines.

What Are The Risk Factors in Acne Rosacea?

As mentioned above anyone at any age can get acne rosacea, but the following sets are at more risk than anyone else.

  • It has been observed that women are more at risk to adult acne rosacea.
  • People having fair skin who are more exposed to sunlight are known to get this acne more.
  • People who smoke or drink are known to be at more risk than any other person.
  • People who have crossed 30 are more exposed to this disease.
  • People who have rosacea in their family, meaning that their parents have suffered from the same disease.

If you are one of these sets of people, then you must be careful with your skin.

How to Diagnose Acne Rosacea?

We have given above the complete till date study that can make yourself capable of diagnosing whether you have rosacea or not. Doctors also do not have any special magic tricks to diagnose rosacea; they also rely on the historical facts and known symptoms of acne rosacea. it is hard to tell the difference between acne and rosacea, but a skin specialist will recommend you the best treatment for acne rosacea cure.

How to Get Rid of Acne Rosacea?

how to treat acne rosacea

You cannot get rid of acne rosacea, but you can make the symptoms less visible and more natural. Keep one thing in mind that rosacea can go away and reoccur at any time in life, this is very common in this disease.

So if there is no Treatment then How to Treat Acne Rosacea?

There are some medications you can take to lessen the effects of rosacea and acne. These medications are:

  • Use mirvaso cream as an acne rosacea cream to lessen the effects of skin swelling an redness. This is applied to your skin as a gel is, and its main function is to constrict back blood vessels. You will find a decent change in your face in less than a day after its application. But keep one thing in mind that the effect of this gel is temporary on your facial skin so if you have seen the results in a few hours you must continue its application regularly.
  • Also, try using azelaic acid and metronidazole for acne rosacea treatment. These drugs have more long-term effects, but their improvements are visible in more than six weeks. So, you have to be patient.
  • Use oral antibiotics after getting a prescription form a skin specialist. Antibiotics are also known to lessen the effects of rosacea, but they can also cause inflammation in some cases.
  • Isotretinoin is also an oral antibiotic that is given by doctors in severe cases but makes sure you don’t take them if you are pregnant as they can have very negative birth effects.

Acne vs. Acne Rosacea Natural Treatment!

Unlike usual acne rosacea has no such natural treatments however you can simply drink more water and reduce the above-mentioned products that trigger your rosacea. Save yourself from the weather and products which increase the effects of rosacea!

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